A Church of England priest who appeared drunk at three church services and told fellow clergy at a Christmas party that she and her husband were “swingers” has been banned for scandalous behavior. The Rev. Teresa Davies, formerly a team vicar serving St. Martin Church, Welton, Northamptonshire, was found guilty by a church tribunal and may not serve in any clergy role for at least 12 years. She officially resigned in August. “Throughout this process we have offered Teresa Davies appropriate pastoral support,” the Diocese of Peterborough said in a press statement. “We hope that she and her family will be able to move on in their lives.”

I don't think I've heard of such a morally reprobate person serving in the ministry in the UK before. I could imagine this in the USA (in TEC they would probably make her a bishop!), but this is the kind of devious lechery that one would think was confined to pre-Reformation England! Whatever happened to the good ol' pious liberals who, though liberal theologically, were at least pious in their prayer, Bible reading, and pursuit of holiness? Undoubtedly this is an extreme and isolated case, but gosh, you have to wonder what kind of ministerial selection board lets these people through? Read more at The Daily Mail (with pictures!).