Sunday, July 16, 2006

Uniting Church of Australia

The UCA is the most liberal and most declining denomination in Australia. A group of orthodox believers in the UCA look like they have finally decided to depart from the denomination and set up their own affiliate organization (many already have when presbyteries were permitted to ordain gay clery). You can read an article about it in the Australian Newspaper. The national assembly website is located here where more news is available. For more info on evangelicals in the UCA see the Reforming Alliance who it seems has failed to reform the UCA!

I know some good folks in the UCA and it is such a pity that they feel that they can no longer stay, but it was inevitable. Please uphold the embattled orthodox believers in your prayers. It looks like the battle is lost and now begins the struggle to retain church property.

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Corn on the Robb said...

Glad you're back.