Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The End of an Era

If my memory serves me right, as of 01 Nov 2007, Prof. Richard Bauckham officially retires from St. Andrews University. This is a huge loss for St. Andrews and Scotland since Richard is retiring to Cambridge where he'll undertake some part-time teaching in one of the theological colleges down there and also engage in more sustained research and writing. Given Richard's poor health a few years ago, this is probably the best thing for him. It also means that Richard can now finish some major projects he's got on the horizon including:
John commentary in the Two Horizons series.
John commentary in the NIGTC series.
Two volumes on Monotheism and Christology.
Luke commentary for the ICC series.

So happy retirement to Richard, and many productive and blessed years be ahead of you.
Though with Richard's departure I have to face up to a monumental problem since it means that I am now officially the shortest NT scholar in Scotland (woe is me!).

(Wait a minute! How tall is Dr. Alison Jack of Edinburgh Uni? Could someone measure her to see if she's taller than 168 cm? Maybe I'm not the shortest after all?)

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Patrick said...

We had a lovely retirement gathering last evening for him at St Andrews. I'm pleased to see you're on the ball with this one.

Oh, and we're also awaiting the next in the MacBears series.