Friday, July 16, 2010

American Journal of Theology

The latest issue of the American Journal of Theology is out with several interesting article. Aussie will be interested in a review of Paul Barnett's Jesus and the Logic of History by one of my doctoral students David Wenkel.


Scot Becker said...

Thanks for the heads up on this journal, whose purpose, scope (and price) all resonate with me. By the way, it seems the actual name is (somewhat oddly) "American Theological Inquiry."

Peter M. Head said...

Aussies may be interested in the critique of Barnett but probably won't be persuaded that the author has understood what Barnett is trying to do. I don't accept that the fissure between the early and later Barnett is itself anything other than a Wenkelian invention. And the whole tone is strangely antagonistic considering what this journal is supposed to stand for. Flabsoc.

Ian Clary said...

I think you've got the name wrong.