Thursday, October 07, 2010

Wanted Translators

Myself and Jason Maston are editing some papers from the Tyndale Fellowship conference for a volume in honour of the late Prof. Martin Hengel. We will also include an appendix in the volume that will contain several newly translated essays from Hengel's collected writings. As such, I'm looking for three to four chaps who are willing to do a translation of Hengel's essays for inclusion in the book. Criteria for involvement in the project is: (1) Proficiency in German and English; (2) Have a Ph.D in NT or at least be a Ph.D candidate; (3) Can do the translation by the end of the year. Translators will receive due acknowledgment of their work and get a gratis copy of the book.


Alex Dalton said...

Could you possibly attempt to include a translation of the following essay by Hengel?:

‘Das Begräbnis Jesu bei Paulus und die
leibliche Auferstehung aus dem Grabe’ in Auferstehung – Resurrection: The Fourth
Durham – Tübingen Research Symposium (Tübingen, September 1999), eds F.
Avemarie and H. Lichtenberger (WUNT 135; Tübingen: Mohr, 2001): 119-83.

I have been wanting to read this forever, and I think it addresses a very important topic.

Liz said...