Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Translating Rom 1:17 - Bird, Yarbrough, Moo

Over at Bible Gateway there is a discussion on how to translate Rom 1:17. See Colin Hansen's intro here. It includes my own translation and its rationale for how I handle Rom 1:17. Doug Moo literally takes me to task for my understanding of "literal".


Unknown said...

Thanks, Mike, for pointing out that discussion.

For what it's worth, you get my vote on this one!

Mike said...

Don't fight back, Mike. Moo is quite tall...

- Mike (Whitenton)

John Thomson said...

I am with you on the first, the righteousness of God (though I would not go for 'saving' for it is clear from the previous verse that the righteousness is 'saving'.

Seems clear to me that a)fulfilment of OT is in view just as you point out
b) contrast is with ma's righteousness in Law c) it is literally God's righteousness that is revealed in Roms 3:21-25

'from faith to faith': on the principle of faith, to people who believe (not an attempt at translation - way outside my limits - but meaning).