Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Kingdom of God and the Cross

Justin Taylor posts some thoughts by Greg Gilbert on the Kingdom of God and the Cross. In light of a spate of lectures on this subject by N.T. Wright (e.g., at Duke Divinity School; IBR in Atlanta) and Scot McKnight's recent article in CT, I think we should have a conference on this topic somewhere. I know what my presentation would be called: "Can you Preach the gospel from the Gospels?" Perhaps the YRR and Emergent folk will find something in common at last (besides the art of caricaturing the views of those they disagree with). If some brave soul wants to organize this, let me know when and where!


Craig said...

George Beasley-Murray wrote a book entitled "Preaching the Gospel from the Gospels" (first edition - 1956, revised edition - 1996). Have you seen it? If so, does it address your question well?

Nicholas P. Mitchell said...

Let's do it in CANADA!