Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Loving your Muslim Neighbours

Over at CT, Jason Hood has written a stimulating article on what it means to love our Muslim Neighbors in Muslims in Evangelical Churches. Would you allow Muslims to use your church as a worship sanctuary while their mosque is being repaired?


John Thomson said...

I would like to read reflections on this question. I do not view a church building as 'sacred space' yet I would be most reluctant for it to be used for a purpose I disapprove. I disapprove of all other religions; they are idolatrous.

I disapprove of many other activities too (pornography, same-sex marriages, wild parties, hate-rallies, casinos etc). I would not wish my church building to be used for activities that dishonour God.

On the other hand, if the church did not own the building, I would have no propblem in principle with hiring a building used by groups I disapprove. The dynamics of the situation are different. In the former, I have responsibility for what I do with property I own. In the latter, no such responsibility exists.

Maybe churches would be more flexible (and free) if they owned no buildings?

Bill Victor said...

I understand the heart of these pastors, but I would probably not allow a Mormon, Jehovah's Witness or Wiccan group to use the church's grounds for worship. I have a hard time believing that Jesus would sanction worship to anything other to his father as well. Jesus could be pretty exclusive at times (John 14.6).

MarieP said...
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MarieP said...

John Thomson expressed my own thoughts beautifully!

And the non-ownership of a church building is an interesting question! My church makes great use of our building- a group of us stay in between services on Sunday to fellowship (and read and take a nap!), a local Christian educational consortium has used it for classes, we use it for several book studies). I would say it would depends on how much you use the building.