Friday, July 13, 2007

Biblical Theology for Children

As a Father with two small children I am constantly challenged as to how best to impart a Christian worldview and a knowledge of Scripture into my kids. The odd Bible story here and there and a stack of memory verses can help, but getting kids aware of the Bible story-line as a whole is a lot harder. How do ya take these gorgeous little one's from Crayons to Creation, Christ and the Consummation? Well, one good resource that I use is a Kids CD called: King, the Snake, and the Promise which tells the Bible story-line in song form from Genesis to Revelation. If you are weary of "Father Abraham had many sons", then check out this resource. It comes with the Mike Bird four star seal of approval. It is available in Australia from Koorong (see the Link).


Kevin Murray said...

I'm a pastor in Sydney. Don't buy from Koorong but support the publisher — emu music.

Rabbi Saul said...

Kids music? You absolutely have to check out Jamie Soles:

Jamie writes songs that cover biblical themes and retell biblical stories (even obscure ones). Catchy and likable stuff; you'll find your kids memorizing the songs (and you'll probably do so too).

Alison B said...

The best children's Bible I am aware of (and a great read for adults as well!) is "The Big Picture Story Bible". The Bible will probably miss out on some of the individual stories we know and love but it's goal is to present the one overarching theme of the Bible with the focus on the Forever King and picking up on Graeme Goldsworthy's structure (to whom there is a note of appreciation) of God's People in God's Place under God's Rule.

David R Kirk said...

Check out The Jesus Story Bible - Every Story Whispers His Name. It's Biblical Theology for the kids and has easily the best first chapter of any story bible.