Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Latest issue of JTI

The latest issue of Journal of Theological Interpretation is out and includes:

The (Re)Turn to Theology
Joel B. Green (now of Fuller Seminary!)

Reading the Bible with Eyes of Faith: The Practice of Theological Exegesis
Richard B. Hays

Texts in Context: Scripture in the Divine Economy
Murray Rae

Mission, Hermeneutics, and the Local Church
Micahel A. Rynkiewich

Trust and the Spirit: The Canon's Anticipated Unity
Christine Helmer

Christ in All the Scriptures? The Challenge of Reading the Old Testament as Christian Scripture
R.W.L. Moberly

Interpretation on the Way to Emmaus: Jesus Performs His Story
D. Brent Laythan

A "Seamless Garment" Approach to Biblical Interpretation?
Michael J. Gorman


Ross said...

Dear Michael

I think you ought to get commission. As a result of this post, I thought I would have a go at a year's subscription.

Thank you for your blog - it is always stimulating and informative. For people like me, it is also an important resource.

I hope you have the energy to be able to keep it up. It must be demanding amongst so many other commitments.

Every blessing on your ministry!

Sean said...

Thanks mike, this looks SO good. Will have to try get my paws on some of these...

hope all things well your side...