Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Greek Memory Verses

I'm aspiring to memorize more biblical Greek this year and here is my intended list:

Deut. 10.12-13
Pss. 110.1
Isa. 53.11-12
Dan. 7.13-14

Greek NT
Matt. 6.9-13
Mk. 10.45
Lk. 9.23-24
Jn. 3.16
Rom. 3.21-26*
Phil. 2.5-11*
Col. 1.15-20
Heb. 12.1-3
Jas. 1.27
Rev. 21.6-7

Ignatius, Rom. 3.2
Diog. 9.3-5

The asterix signifies what I've done so far! Still a long way to go!! But feel free to join me in the quest.


Gordon Kennedy said...

I'm also in, presently working on Matt 5:1-12, but am challenged to take on some of the passages you've mentioned here.

Michael R. Jones said...

Though normally I would never join any club that would have me as a member, count me in, too.

Matt Evans said...

I'll do the best I can with the GNT section. Just got 1 year of greek under my belt, so may be a little tough. We'll see. I'd do LXX or the AF, but do not own those...yet.

Michael said...

Alright, count me in. I will start this up as soon as I have time... : )

Tom said...

It might be of some encouragement if I observe that in studying beginning Greek with Murray Harris more than few years ago, we memorized the Lord's Prayer in the first semester and Phil 2:5-11 in the second. I have had more than one occasion to be thankful to Dr. Harris for this excersize and example. So carry on, joyfully. This effort is a great privilege.

jeltzz said...

I'm not in for your list, but I am in. This year I determined to become more diligent about memorising scripture, and not to wuss out on the original languages. Greek NT and Hebrew OT verses for me..