Saturday, July 18, 2009

Graham Stanton Passes Away

I've just heard (via Mark Goodacre) that Graham Stanton has passed away after a long struggle with cancer. At TF Richard Burridge reported to us that Graham was seriously ill and not long for this world. In the past, I have benefitted immensely from many of Stanton's works including his Jesus of Nazareth in New Testament Preaching and Jesus and the Gospels. He will be dearly missed. May he rest in peace.

Addition by Joel Willitts.
Graham Stanton was a wonderful person and an excellent scholar. During my four yeas at Cambridge, I have ample opportunity to see him up close. He had a irenic personality and a commonsense perspective when approaching any subject. He was a man of faith as well as a scholar.

His scholarship will be missed and his person even more.

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Terry Wright said...

That's sad. Stanton tutored me during my first year undergrad work at King's, and many of my friends for their second and third years.