Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Latest Pistis Christou Contributions with Friends

I've been on a pistis christou frenzy in the last year or two and the products of that rampage are now available.

First, just out is Michael F. Bird and Michael R. Whitenton, “The Faithfulness of Jesus Christ in Hippolytus’s De Christo et Antichristo: Overlooked Patristic Evidence in the Πίστις Χριστοu Debate.” New Testament Studies 55:4 (2009): 552-562. I honestly could not believe that nobody had seen this before, so I teamed up Michael Whitenton (of Ecce Homo fame) to put together this short piece. This is Whitenton's first academic publication and he did all the stuff on the Apostolic Fathers. So if you receive a Ph.D application from him put it in the "fast track" pile.

Second, now available from Amazon.com (see the sidebar) is The Faith of Jesus Christ: Exegetical, Biblical, and Theological Studies co-edited with Preston Sprinkle, featuring essays from the top scholars working in the field like Francis Watson, Doug Campbell, Barry Matlock, Paul Foster, Richard Bell, Mark Seifrid, and many, many more. This is THE Paul volume of 2009!


Daniel said...

Dr. Bird,
Hendrickson says its not in print until January so I was wondering if the UK edition is out yet and what the title is.

Michael said...


Many thanks for bringing me on to the project. I had a blast and learned a ton about the world of publishing in the process.

Thanks for your kind works, friend. I appreciate it!