Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Latest TynBul

The latest issue of Tyndale Bulletin 61.1 (2010) includes:

Larry Hurtado
The Origins of Jesus-Devotion: A Response to Crispin Fletcher-Louis

A rather robust counter-response to Fletcher-Louis by Hurtado. I confess that I was sceptical of Fletcher-Louis' criticism of Hurtado as teaching a three-stage christological development. Hurtado does not suffer fools or theologians gladly.

Jonathan Moo
Continuity, Discontinuity, and Hope: The Contribution of New Testament: The Contribution of New Testament Eschatology to a Distinctively Christian Environmental Ethos

I heard this paper at the Tyndale Fellowship and it was a treat. Highlight of the essay is the discussion on 2 Peter 3 which is the anti-green text in the NT (why save the planet if it is only going to be destroyed one day any way?). Moo contends that in 2 Pet. 3.7 the fire is cleansing rather than destructive for the created order. He writes: "We are left with the cataclysmic fire of God's judgement, but its function in the context is primarily to lay the earth bare before God, to reveal it as it is and to leave human beings and their works without any place to hide" (34).

John C. Poirier
'Theological Interpretation' and its Contradistinctions

Here Jack Poirier continues his critique theological/canonical interpretation (see his article 'The Canonical Approach to the Idea of Scripture,' ExpT 116.11 [2005]: 366-70) and he responds by saying that historical-criticism is indeed capable of being theologically grounded. Evidently his hermeneutics are definitely not derived from the KJV (i.e. Kevin J. Vanhoozer)!

Erkki Koskenniemi
Forgotten Guardians and Matthew 18:10

Back in seminary I did an exegesis paper on Matt. 18.10 and found it fascinating. In fact, I was discussing this passage with a student only last night! I don't think it refers to 'guardian angels' but to angelic beings who are ready to unleash a barrel of apocalyptic whoop-ass on anyone found messing with new converts to faith in Christ. In Matthew the role of angels is normally limited to acts of judgment. For Koskenniemi, this verse refers to a group of very mighty angels (see Tob. 12.15) who pay special attention to those hurting children in order to punish them after their death.

Peter Head
Editio Critica Maior: An Introduction and Assessment

Every exegete should read this short summary and evaluation of the ECM since it is the new thing in text critical studies. Strange coincidence again, tomorrow I'm taking my students through the ECM edition of Jude, esp. Jude 5.


Nick Norelli said...

Hi Mike,

Would there be any possible way that you could email me a copy of Hurtado's article? Unfortunately I don't have access to this issue and won't for some time. Thanks.


Jason B. Hood said...

Is it Resurrection of the Son of God where NTW makes an interesting proposal on Matt 18:10?

Anyone interested in 2 Peter should check out Al Wolters as well. http://www.allofliferedeemed.co.uk/Wolters/AMW2Peter3.pdf

Matt Viney said...

"ready to unleash a barrel of apocalyptic whoop-ass"

now THAT'S theology! I wish N T Wright wrote like that.....

Dave said...

Hey Mike,
Like Nick above, I would love to read Hurtado's essay and currently can't get my hands on it. The fact that he is an examiner for an upcoming viva of mine combined with your comments about how he treated poor Crispin has made me a touch nervous:) Any help you could provide would be hugely appreciated!

Nick Norelli said...

Hi Dave,

I got my hands on a copy of the article so if you're still looking I'd be happy to email it to you. You can contact me at nick[dot]norelli[at]gmail[dot]com.

Michael said...

please email me hurtado's article to sezan112@hotmail.com