Friday, January 07, 2011

Review of Jesus and the Origins of the Gentile Mission

Over at RBL, Craig Evans reviews my published dissertation Jesus and the Origins of the Gentile Mission. He accepts the premise that Jesus should be situated in the context of Jewish restoration eschatology, but critiques my apparent claim that Jesus engaged in a mission to Gentiles. The only response I would make is that I don't think I ever said that Jesus engaged in a "mission" to Gentiles. Jesus' mission was to usher in the restoration of Israel yet a corollary was that a restored Israel would transform the world. Jesus' actions are the basis of the later Gentile mission. Or, I argued that the Christian Gentile mission has antecedents in Jesus' pre-Easter activities in his openness to sinners and Gentiles.


Rev R Marszalek said...

Really would like to read this. I am preaching on Mt 28:18-20 on Sunday. Whilst I will not be able to explore this issue particularly, it has captured me whilst I've been reading in preparation. Your reviewer seems a little unconvinced by your thesis, it would be good to read other reviews against this one. Don't think I can stretch to the $168 for your thesis so will follow this through in perhaps more affluent times ;-)

Michael F. Bird said...

Rachel, just read it on Google Books.

Unknown said...

Dear Dr Bird:

I hope you do not mind me using this medium to initiate a contact with you. After seeking in vain for about 20mins to find an e-mail address to contact you (through Highland Theological Insitute and the school in Queensland), I decided to resort to this. I hjope this is ok. Can you e-mail me at I would like to chat with you about your forthcoming book on Paul and the second century.

Michael Haykin

Coloradonegrito said...

Hi Michael.

Thanks for the google books idea.

Will your publisher be offering this book as an e-book?

That would make it a bit more affordable for us downunder Masters students.

michael said...
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