Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Ambassadors of Reconciliation

One of the upshots of reconciliation is that Christians preach a message of reconciliation to God, but they can also model reconciliation in a community context. For Jesus, being reconciled to a brother was more important than offering sacrifices at the altar (Matt 5:24). The gospel is lived when Christians practice reconciliation among themselves and model it before others. The ambassadors for reconciliation have the opportunity to promote peace-making in communities rife with factions, distrust, and mutual suspicions. Because we have been comforted we can be a comfort to others (2 Cor 1:4). As John Chrysostom wrote: “If he who reconciles only is called a son of God, of what shall not he be worthy, who makes friends of those who are reconciled? Let us engage ourselves in this trade, let us make those who are enemies to each other friends, and those who are not indeed enemies, but are not friends, them let us bring together, and before all, our own selves.”


Unknown said...

Great thoughts, Michael. As a staff member at Peacemaker Ministries in the USA (, I would commend to you my friend Bruce Burgess and PeaceWise, the gospel-centered peacemaking ministry to the church in Australia (
Jerry Wall

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