Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Spectacle . . . But Why?

Why did nearly 1 million people descend on London with an another online and TV viewing audience estimated at 2 billion (that's 33% of the world's population!) to watch the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton? What was it about a royal wedding that caused people all over the world to tune in? Into what deep human affection does such an event tap?


Jeremy said...

Because we are all jealous. We can't be princes and princesses, but we can at least imagine we are as we watch it on TV.

Unknown said...

My opinion the reason so many attended and tuned into the royal wedding was the deep human emotion they had for the late Princess Diana – who was loved by many. She was such a ‘people’s royal’ and Prince William is so much like her personality that it affected the population’s emotion to want to see such a special event in his life.

Also, the draw to see such an extravagant occasion when money is not an issue;
the idea that Kate is a commoner and the ‘fairy tale’ of her and a royal falling in love;
the way Kate and William relate to the people….it was all a huge draw.

My question is, out of the 2 billion who ‘tuned’ in to watch the event, how many of those were males?

Brian Maiers said...

shameless self promotion. I wrote some thoughts about it

José Solano said...

This is the archetypal Wedding, the great exemplar for all marriages. It reigns with hope for humanity, for generative and regenerative life. Every creative and poetic expression that can be made of love and its consummation is poured out in this fabulous pageant before the world to witness. From the union of Heaven and Earth, Christ and His Church, to the union of one man and one woman, it all comes together in this magnificent ceremony.

Sure it is exploited by commercialism and the media seemed to have totally missed the point of this great Christian celebration as they focused on hats, fashions and vanity, still something infinitely deeper was enacted on that grand stage, on the grand altar of Westminster Abbey. Read carefully the wonderful sermon of Dr. Richard Chartres, Bishop of London.

Only the truly jaded, the thoroughly cynical can fail to be moved by this glorious exaltation and celebration of life itself as was also embodied and affirmed in that blessed ancient Wedding at Cana.

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