Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tyndale House and Reading Books On-Line

This came out from an email from the Tyndale House Librarian:

The Tyndale Library catalogue lists almost every Biblical Studies book worth reading. Now you can read a large proportion of them online, thanks to Amazon and Google. Just look up the book at www.TynCat.com and click on the link to read it online. Passing on this news will transform you into an 'internet guru' in your community.

I went through the steps and did a search on Murray J. Harris' 2 Corinthians commentary in the NIGTC series and it worked pretty well. It is well worth having a play with.

Well done to Dr David Instone-Brewer

This resource is going straight to the pool room (Aussie vernacular for "I like it" and blogger for "going to my side bar").

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