Friday, July 06, 2007

Around the Blogs

Since I'm on holidays in Zion (= Australia), I'm lurking on blogs more than publishing. A few noteworthy items include:

1. My host here in Australia, Shane Becker, has a blog entitled Lifted Veil: Musings of an Incurable Lover of Jesus Christ for those of you interested in either Reformed Spirituality or New Covenant Theology.

2. Michael Pahl has a brilliant couple of posts on Tracing the Early Jesus Tradition which I recommend (two editions for the Gospel of John! Hmmm?).

3. April Deconick and Doug Chaplin debate the non-canonical Gospels and why some scholars are so apparently uneasy about the non-canonical writings. See here, here and here. I think Doug makes some excellent points on this subject.

4. My dear friend and sparring partner, James Crossley, has a response to N.T. Wright on Resurrection and Scholarly Rhetoric. James and I will be going mano-e-mano on this one in our forthcoming book and I'm not convinced by his explanation that Mark invented the story of the empty tomb or that "resurrection" very quickly came to refer to subjective visionary experiences. More on that next time around. In my mind, Crossley needs to worry more about Dale Allison's objections to him which were far more penetrating than Wright's (admittedly) off the cuff response.

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CJW said...

hey mike, not sure how to get in touch with you. i realise you're probably very busy, but if you find yourself wanting some red wine email me on cam