Tuesday, July 31, 2007

John Piper on N.T. Wright and Justification

John Piper's forthcoming response to N. T. Wright, is entitled The Future of Justification. Here is Darrell Bock's commendation of the book:

A good biblical dialogue needs two good conversation partners, who work hard to understand each other and make their case biblically. Piper's look at justification does this with a superb tone and a careful presentation of his case. He and Wright exchanged communication before this book went public. Piper appeals to the wisdom of the ages on justification, a wisdom deeply rooted in Scripture. Wright argues his approach is also deeply rooted in Scripture as seen through a fresh appreciation of the first century context of Paul's writing, a context we too often underestimate. This dialogue is important for the church; Piper has put us in a position to hear both sides of the debate and understand what is at stake. He has served us all well by enabling the reader to be put in the place of considering what Scripture says as he or she listens to this conversation and to our God. Iron sharpens iron, and Scripture is a sword that cuts between the soul and Spirit. Be prepared to be sharpened by a careful dialogue about what justification is.

--Darrell Bock, Research Professor of NT Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary


sujomo said...

Good post Mike! The title of Piper's forthcoming book is reminiscent of the conclusion of SROG - 'Afterthoughts: Beyond the New Perspective'. perhaps when you revise SROG you can write on "Back to the future of justification"! Cheers, Sujomo

Timothy Goering said...

This looks pretty interesting. I have been looking into Wright more and more, have posted a few things about him on my blog, and find his work intriguing. The book you recomend looks like something I might need to check out. Thanks for the tip!