Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Blog 21

I'm glad to announce that the Presbyterian Theological College in Sydney has its own blog. PTC-Sydney has some great people, they often get some great speakers in such as Don Carson, Tremper Longman, Bill Dumbrell, and Paul Barnett, and the annual the Eliza Ferrie Lecture is always worth attending if you're in Sydney at the time. I love the motto of the college: "developing leaders who understand, communicate, and live out the Scriptures in order to serve God's people".

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John McClean said...

Thanks Mike, we enjoy your stuff too! In August your own Andrew McGowan will be doing the Eliza Ferrie lecture and an MA subject at the same time. Oh and by the way we are a 'centre' not a 'college', though we are in fact a college ('collegium': a partnership)