Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Student's Say the Darnest Things!

My students have given me much comic relief in class in recent days. Here are three examples:

1. Why attractive actors should not play Jesus.

While watching the Gospel of John on DVD in class one of my female students mutters another student, "I have trouble watching this when Jesus looks so cute". This created much amusement, shock, and laughter and was good evidence of why the iconoclasts were probably right. During the scene from John 13 when Jesus disrobes to wash his disciples feet the female student was warned "Don't get too excited now!".

2. Q &A.

Lecturer: What is allegory?
Student: Wasn't he the former Vice-President of America?

3. Satan and Scotland.

Student: Where does Satan come from?
Lecturer: I don't know. Paisley perhaps?
Student: The place or the person?

(Paisley is a city near Glasgow known for its high crime rate and Ian Paisley is the head of the Northern Irish government and is known, more in former times than now, for his intense dislike of Catholics).

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hrobins said...

In response to #1: I fully agree with your student. It is very distracting when attractive actors play Jesus. I believe I might have seen that DVD! Please let her know she is not alone. =)