Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Around the blogosphere

Around the traps:

Nelson Moore gives a review of James McGrath's new book on the Burial of Jesus.

Lynn Cohick has a great post on the Canannite Woman of Matthew 15.

Richard Hays will be lecturing on "Hidden in order to be Revealed: Jesus as the God of Israel in Mark's Gospel" (I wish my good friend James Crossley was in the audience).

Desi Alexander has a new book on biblical theology called From Eden to the New Jerusalem.

And CT has an article on the Vatican and biblical authority and an on-line poll about whether inerrancy is still the best word for communicating the nature and authority of the Bible (this has been taken off now and from memory those who said that inerrancy was still a useful word got the largest vote, but the largest vote was only 44% overall, and other categories were: useful but needs tweaking and never was a good word).

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