Thursday, October 30, 2008

Latest JSHJ

The latest issue JSHJ 6.2 (2008) includes:

Textual Criticism and the Historical Jesus
pp. 133-156
Author: Bird, Michael F.

This study argues that historical Jesus research needs to pay greater attention to the field of textual criticism and study of early Christian manuscripts. It is accordingly argued that the field of textual criticism impacts historical Jesus studies in at least three ways: (1) the textual integrity of the New Testament and the possibility of historical Jesus research; (2) the significance of the agrapha; and (3) text-critical contributions to historical issues in life of Jesus research.

pp. 157-168
Author: Byrskog, Samuel

pp. 169-181
Author: Catchpole, David

pp. 182-193
Author: Marshall, Howard I.

pp. 194-210
Author: Patterson, Stephen J.

Author: Weeden Sr., Theodore J.

pp. 225-253
Author: Bauckham, Richard

This is now the second journal this quarter to give a thorough multi-author review to Bauckham's Eyewitnesses (see the most recent issue of JSNT). Just goes to show how lively and interesting the debate is. Bob Webb (editor of JSHJ) has done a good job in recruiting a wide sway of reviews.

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