Friday, August 21, 2009

Hebrew: "The Language Pleasing to God"

In reading Pseudo-Clementine's Recognitions for my devotions . . . (just kidding!) I came across this rather amusing passage:
In the fifteenth generation, men first worshiped fire and constructed idols. Now, until that time one language prevailed, the language pleasing to God: Hebrew (1.30.5)
All my OT pals will love this quote!


John Anderson said...

I'm pleased. And to think, I always thought God spoke Yiddish.

(yes, I'm kidding).

hrobins said...

I can just imagine Boaz:
"Oh, Joel. Greek is pleasing to God, too, don't worry! We should talk about it over some nice Ethiopian food...have you ever been to an Ethiopian restaurant?" [in Boaz Johnson's wonderful Indian/British accent]

Oh, yes. He's wonderful.