Thursday, August 06, 2009

M. Bird Zondervan Interview (Serious This Time!)

Over at the Koinonia blog there is another interview with me (serious this time, no funny stuff) about the two authors who have influenced me the most: N.T. Wright and D.A. Carson - yes, I know some will think that I'm schizophrenic, but that's just how it is!


Josh said...

It was refreshing to hear references to books which made more than a mere 'academic' impact on your life and in your studies. Thanks.

Tremonti said...

This was great! But surely 'schizophrenic' does make sense but none the less both great authors regardless of how they differ!


Paul said...

Thanks, Michael, you've mentioned the two most influential authors who have shaped my thinking and walk with Christ! Thanks for sharing (seriously!).