Monday, June 21, 2010

Euangelion Plugged at Koinonia

Over at Zondervan's Koinonia blog there is a plug for Euangelion as one of the favorite and most recommended blogs! I should add that Joel Willitts is co-author of Euangelion and my chum-in-arms does not always get a mention in dispatches. Several other blogs and sites are mentioned as well.


Tim Byrnes said...

I love how they call this "post post-modern" may sound wordy, but really, folks, that's where it is at! In my opinion, post-modernism was, in every field, a wretched diversion.

Adam said...

I wish Koinonia could take credit for coining "post post-modern," but as far as we know the phrase came from none other than Bird and Willitts!