Friday, June 11, 2010

Pseudepigrapha Survey - Please Participate!

Please fill out this survey if you teach a course that might assign a one volume commentary on the Pseudepigrapha as a text book or assigned reading.

Pseudepigrapha Commentary
Would you use a one volume commentary on the Pseudepigrapha as a text book for a course on ancient Jewish literature or New Testament backgrounds at a college, seminary, or university?


d. miller said...

I assign George Nickelsburg's excellent Jewish Literature between the Bible and the Mishnah: A Historical and Literary Introduction (2nd ed; Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2005)--It's probably as good as one is going to get.

Judy Redman said...

I don't teach in this area, so I'm not going to do the poll, but at our university the answer would be that it would depend on the price. Thus, there would be a better market for a reasonably bound paperback than an expensive hard cover.

Michael F. Bird said...

Dave and Judy, the poll is fixed (it wasn't working to begin with), so vote now!

Nijay K. Gupta said...

I agree that it would depend on price -but also length. I don't think it will work if it is oppressively long.

I like the idea. When I worked at Hendrickson, I encouraged them to look into doing something like that on the Dead Sea Scrolls (sectarian texts). The challenge is whether you get rights to use a translation or to skip the translation altogether.