Friday, September 10, 2010

Ben Myers on Christian scholarship

Here's a cool quote from Ben Myers about Christian scholarship:

Scholarship is an exercise of obedience to Jesus Christ. It helps prepare the church for fresh words and deeds. Of course, we need not imagine that scholarship will always have an immediate impact on the church’s confession. But scholarship is nevertheless vital for the continuing life of the church. It is one of the places where the church exercises its muscle of discernment – a muscle that otherwise has an alarming tendency to atrophy. Or to change metaphors: when the church grows drowsy, scholarship diffuses its caffeinating influence, helping to keep us ready, watchful and alert. So when Christian scholars engage with contemporary thought, it’s not because the church needs protecting from the world, but because Christ is already in the world and he calls us to meet him there.

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Charles said...

I appreciate the quote and tend to agree. I have said many times that scholarship for Christians should be seen as a means rather than an end. Unfortunately, I have all too often seen Christian academics act as if scholarship is an end in itself. There is a fine line in meeting Christ who is working in this world and seeking the world's approval in which our Lord is working.