Monday, September 10, 2007

Foretaste of my Forthcoming book on Matthew

I recently published an article in a journal called Theological Studies published in South Africa at the University of Pretoria. The article is a distillation of my forthcoming book by the same title (due sometime this year -- when I have time to finish the formating and indexing). You can read the article and decide if you wish to read more. The article is entitled: Matthew's Messianic Shepherd-King: In Search of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.


J. B. Hood said...


Great stuff! Lots more to say about this, hopefully in person. I can't wait for the whole thing. It's a great time to be studying Jewish Restoration/Matt's Gospel, I think.

FYI France's new commentary wratchets up the geographical nature of Matt's structure as well (inherited from Mark, he argues, yet reinvigorated by Matt).

Peter M. Head said...


Thanks for this. Still not persuaded.
a) Why does Matthew refer to 'Galilee of the Gentiles' if he really means 'Galilee of the Lost Northern Tribes'?
b) Why does Matthew go out of his way to detail that those who come to Jesus come from the whole land of Israel (4.25)?
c) If the 'crowds' of 9.35f are linked with 4.23 then these same crowds are (narratively) from the whole of the land of Israel, no?
d) Why does Matthew refer the mission of the disciples to 'all the towns of Israel' (10.23) if he really meant only 'all the towns of the Lost Tribes of Northern Israel'?
e) How does a reader of Matthew know that the cities and villages of 9.35 and 11.1 do not include any cities in Judea?

Love and kisses anyway.

hrobins said...

I'm still willing to help out with editing/formatting/indexing if you need it. Just let me know!