Friday, March 27, 2009

Around the Blogsphere

At the T&T Clark blog, Chris Roberts introduces his book Creation and Covenant about a theology of marriage from the Patristic period to the present and he writes: "In the end, the research for this book lead me to embrace orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism. I hope that people who sympathize with this perspective will appreciate the book for its clear restatement of often under-developed and latent ideas within the tradition. Meanwhile, I hope that those who disagree with my conclusions - such as the undecided types that I once was, and the liberals with whom I interact - will feel like my book raises the standard of conversation for everyone, and helping them in particular to make better and more precise arguments."

Ken Schenck of "Methodists-R-Us" is blogging through N.T. Wright's new book. Darrell Bock gives a review of Bart Ehrman's latest rant against belief. Judy Redman reviews How Did Christianity Begin? (with a smiley face from Steph in the comments!). Trevin Wax is starting to read Introducing Paul. Peter Enns is interviewed by Zondervan (on about how C.S. Lewis has influenced him.

Scott Clark starts his series explaining Paedo-Baptism. I liked his final quote, " Historic practice, however, suggests a certain presumption in favor of infant baptism. Nevertheless, tradition alone is not sufficient reason for any practice in the church. Therefore Reformed Christians practice covenant baptism because we are commanded to do so in both the Old and New Covenant Scriptures. We believe that the Bible alone is the Spirit inspired, infallible, Word of God written. God’s Word alone is the source of our faith. Comparing our ideas with God’s clear revelation in the Bible is the only way to safety and certainty."


Unknown said...

Paedo-Baptism sounds illegal. How about infant baptism. I agree that tradition alone is not enough reason for something, but it's stronger than I think many reformed thinkers are willing to admit. That's my catholic two cents worth. So, are you gonna burn me at the stake? :-) hehehehe

Ken Schenck said...

... someone has to stick up for the Methodists :-)