Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More New Blogs from Australia on Science and Theology

I have come across yet another Aussie blogger who is into all things Science, Philosophy, and Theology, and the engagement between the three. Roger Morris, who a medical doctor on the Sunshine Coast (I've been there and believe me it is appropriately named!), has started a blog called, Faithinterface.com which he introduces as: "The purpose of this blog is completely selfish - to allow me to bang on about my great love, the interface between science, philosophy and Christian theology. But it is also an opportunity to engage in discussions about these matters with others of all worldviews within the blogosphere. "


Danilo Sergio Pallar Lemos said...

I liked the subject posted on this blog, it leads to a significant reflection of a broad and dimensional theology within orthodox design.
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GeorgeRic said...

The Flatland concept leads logically to an explanation of where God is, and that is logically expanded to include the Holy Trinity. Such worlds support Christian teachings about resurrection and judgment. This mechanistic approach to theology is supported by the Superstring Theory of modern physics. Techie Worlds explains these concepts. It is available from Amazon.

George Richter eng2gbr@aol.com