Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lectures by Markus Barth on-line

Four lectures from Markus Barth on baptism given at Pittsburgh University in 1970 are available on-line. Markus Barth is one of my favourite NT theologians and this is the first time that I've heard his voice.

My highlight of lecture # 1 was at the 40:40 mins mark where Markus Barth refers to a discussion that he had Billy Graham where he challenged him, "Why do you speak 10 minutes about the Bible and 40 minutes about the altar call? We'd like to hear a bit more gospel and a little less method". That's telling Billy.

HT: Matt Montonini (with links).


Unknown said...

Wow! Thanks for this. I knew the work of Markus Barth on Ephesians before I knew he had a famous dad, even though I ended up in systematic theology. Like you, I have never heard a recording of his voice. Rumbly and spirited!

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