Friday, February 26, 2010

Peter O'Brien on Hebrews

I'm looking forward to the appearance of Peter O'Brien's Hebrews commentary in the PNTC series. It will be interesting to see if this will eclipse Craig Koester (AB) and David deSilva (SR) as my running favourites. Back in 2004 I had lunch with Peter O'Brien and discussed Hebrews 6 with him and I enjoyed his remarks about a warning geared towards the community in general not to allow God's grace to be received in vain. Any way, Eerdmans has a 77 page excerpt of the book here (HT Andy Naselli).


Unknown said...


I am likewise looking forward to O'Brien's Hebrew's commentary (I emailed Eerdmans asking for a review copy for my blog, we shall see). I read the 77 pg preview and was delighted with the discussion on the structure and discourse analysis.

We are using Koester's work in Exegesis of Hebrews this semester and I am enjoying it. I love deSiva's as well. I wish I could take the elements of all the best commentaries and put them into one.


michael jensen said...

Well, this commentary has been a labour of love over many years now. Peter is also working on a bookon the Theology of Hebrews... should be a cracker.

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