Monday, September 20, 2010

Reformed Stuff

For those Reformed folks out there note the following:

An interesting short essay by John Frame on Law and Gospel (HT: Jason Hood). This reminds me that I can do magic in Presbyterian churches. I can turn Presbyterians into Baptists simply by setting bread and wine before them on a table. I can also turn some Presbyterians into Lutherans just by uttering the words "Law" and "Gospel".

Michael Horton has a new theology book coming out call The Christian Faith which is previewed at Koinonia.

By far the best little introduction to Reformed Theology that I've come across in recent years is by R. Michael Allen. The chapter on creeds and confessions and their proper use alongside Scripture is worth the price of the book!

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stuart said...

So what do you think about Frame's position? This piece has caused quite a stir among those who think he has undermined the way we should think about the Scriptures and the gospel itself.