Friday, June 24, 2005

New Book Purchase

I finally took the plunge and picked up Wright’s commentary on Romans in the New Interpreter’s Bible series. It was originally selling for $115 (AusD) but I got it on sale for $85. My ‘justification’ (not in the sense of covenant membership but legitimization and/or rationale) for the purchase was that I’m teaching a course on Romans in the future and I don’t have too many Acts commentaries and the one by Robert Wall that comes with it looks okay. Of course, it was so expensive that I remain too scared to take it out of the plastic wrapping.

In this Christian bookstore another thought dawned on me. Why is it so, when guys like me have kids who own nearly the entire Veggie Tales DVD collection and I get conned into buying tacky merchandise like Bob the Tomato colouring-in pens, that the Big Idea dudes still manage to go bankrupt?

Back to Wright. Within the Reformed camp Wright invokes fierce debate. Some on the left see him as a hermeneutical Messiah, and others on the right think only a Sith Lord would say something good about N.T. Wright. That opens up the question of the whole New Perspective debate! Maybe later?


Scot McKnight said...

You need to get your bags and gear to SBL annually so you can get those books at US discounted prices.

Anonymous said...

ditto those prices at ETS and many other conferences. If you save the whole year, refrain from buying books, you could almost pay for your trip with the money you save...

Michael F. Bird said...

Yep, I think you guys are right. Hopefully I'll make it to ETS this year!