Tuesday, June 21, 2005

To Blog or not to Blog?

Let us commence with a definition:

‘Blogging’. From the Greek word blogoō meaning to publish highly opinionated and sometimes dubious information. The publishing of information in electronic media by some twit with an opinion and a computer.

Why blog? Well, I fit the definition. But there are other reasons too:

1. Peer pressure. Everyone else is doing it.
2. Therapy. It is good for one’s mental fitness and sanity to muse aloud (or on-line) in order to clarify and mull over one's own thoughts.
3. Publish. It is a good resource for friends, students, and net-surfers who may actually learn something, be encouraged or be challenged by something that you have to say.
4. Philosophical. If I may butcher the words of Descartes: “I blog . . . therefore, I am!” Blogging gives us a new existence in cyberspace, a voice in the electronic wilderness, and a light to shine in the darkness of ignorance which we would not otherwise have.
5. Doxological. I intend to blog unto the glory of God.


Jim Hamilton said...

Your wit is appreciated, my friend!

Thanks for blessing us with your blog,


Michael F. Bird said...


Thanks. My sense of humour wins me more friends than enemies, but only just!