Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Musicals/Plays for Biblical Scholars and Theologians

1. Macbeth
2. Waiting for Godot
3. Galileo Galilei
4. Hamlet
5. Pygmalion
6. Trojan Women
7. Les Miserable
8. Oedipus Rex
9. Jesus Christ Superstar
10. Shadow Lands

Bloggers who remind me of musicals and plays:

Chris Tilling - Chess
Sean du Toit - Lion King
Justin Jenkins - Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure: The Musical
James Crossley - Enemy of the People
Joe Cathy - Annie get your Gun
Jim West - Fiddler on the Roof
Jim Davilla - Brigadoon
Mark Goodacre - The Master Builder
Cynthia Nielsen - Funny Girl
Ben Myers - A Man for All Seasons


Chris Tilling said...

Well, I could think of worse things to be associated with I guess. Les Misérables for example.

Jim said...

Fiddler? Really? Mind unpacking that a little? I mean, am I a happy Jew on a roof with a violin singing and dancing or am I one of the other characters?

And THANKS for not likening me to "No Exit".... Whew....

James Crossley said...

Oh, I like that one Mike! Good choice.

Cynthia Nielsen said...

Let me show my ignorance--what is "Funny Girl"? A musical or a play and in what way do I remind you of this? Was it the "philosophy of kissing" post? ;)


Dr. Joseph Ray Cathey said...


I laughed so hard when I read this that I spilled my coffee. This is great.

Michael F. Bird said...


Jim West - connection between you and Fiddler on the Roof is that you're into OT studies and Fiddler on the roof is about a Jewish family, and also you look like the tailer that one of the girls marries.

James Crossley - your dress sense has the forbooding darkness of an Ibsen play.

Cynthia - Funny Girl is a musical. You are the Streissand of female bibliobloggers as you are clever and witty.

PS Before I decided to join the Army and train to kill people I never met, I wanted to be a lyricist writing musicals that would appear on the Westend and Broadway.

Jim said...

HAHAH!!!! Thanks! The taller one.... well that's good!

Sean du Toit said...

The Lion King? Extrapolate your narrative?

Justin Jenkins said...


I had NO idea that there was a 'Bill and Ted' musical --- awesome.

I'm listening to some of it now ...


C. Stirling Bartholomew said...
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Ben Myers said...

Great post, Mike! But you haven't yet told us the most important thing: which musical character are you? (I'm trying to think of a humorous, cheeky, red-headed character from a musical....)

TheBlueRaja said...


Orphan Annie?

steph said...

He's not very musical (but then is Mike?) and he's blonde - Tintin. Then there is Austin Powers and he isn't musical either or red-haired.

Cynthia Nielsen said...

Hi Michael,

O.K. then I take it as a compliment :) However, I have never been compared to a blonde--since you added "clever" and "witty"--I'll take it с удовольствием!

p.s. Thank you for linking me--the blog name, however, is "per" caritatem, not "peri" -- perhaps your Greek is confusing your Latin:)

p.s.s. I love your statement about "really, really, really" believing in the resurrection--witty as well.