Sunday, March 05, 2006

New Blogs IV

I would like to notify the wider biblio-blogging community of a new blog by Christopher Petersen called Resurrection Dogmatics. The subtitle reads: This is yet another one of many "biblioblogs." Its chief emphasis will be upon nascent Christianity but will not be stymied from wading into other "waters." (the philosophical, theological, cinematical, etc) Nevertheless, topics raised by myself will principally have to do with issues related to primitive, i.e. emerging Christianity. Chris is studying at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, but hopes to study in nascent Christianity.

I am right in detecting a trend in blogs specializing in studies of certain areas of the NT and early Christianity, e.g. Alan Bandy with Cafe Apocalypsis on Revelation, and Jason Hood on Matthew, etc. Is Biblioblogging become specialized to certain corpra in the NT or will there always be the generalists about? The good thing about specialists is that they can keep us generalists up to date on scholarly debates and issues that we don't otherwise have time to track.

Welcome Chris, I look forward to your posts about "resurrection" and early Christianity.

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