Friday, February 16, 2007

New Blogs 16

One of our students at HTC, David Kirk, has started his own blog called vorsprung durch theologie which is a series of reflections on his study of a theological degree. Nice things are said about studying the New Testament and a certain New Testament lecturer called Mike Bird. Sadly, his marks were given before I could read the blog posts! With a name like Kirk he might also be in good company.

Welcome David!


Daniel Kirk said...
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Daniel Kirk said...

That Kirk thing. I've always assumed that it would be a greater advantage to be named "Kirk" in the theological worlds of Scotland than here in the U.S. I mean, you could even say that you're a (or even the!) "Kirk of Scotland," which would be much, much more impressive than being, say, the Kirk of Philadelphia.

Well, David, welcome to the blogsphere with all the joys, trials, and tribulations thereunto pertaining.

Daf said...

Thanks Daniel. With my wife and children, we are the Four Kirks of the Free Kirk in our particular patch of Scotland. We cannot claim more than that!