Wednesday, February 07, 2007

News from Singing in the Reign

Over at Singing in the Reign we have two announcements:

(1) The new co-blogger is Dr. Brand Pitre. Joel and I met Brand at SBL in D.C. last November and we had a great time chatting about stuff. Also, Brand is the author of Jesus, the Tribulation, and the End of Exile which is a good read and it is so close to my own Ph.D thesis at times that it is almost scary how similar Brand and I are on some issues.

Michael Barber reports that She Said Yes meaning that Michael and Kim are getting married. Scot Hahn told me what a lovely girl Kim is and it is our hope that they are very happy together.


Michael Barber said...
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Michael Barber said...

Thanks for alerting your readers to the addition of BranT to Singing In The Reign.

We thought we could serve as a kind of Catholic Bird-Willitts team. I actually said that to Brant once to convince him that blogging would be a good idea for a young scholar.

Keep up the great work--and thanks for the kind words about Kim and me.

Michael F. Bird said...

Michael B,
Hmmm. I don't know if the biblio-blogosphere has enough room for more than one Bird-Willitts dynamic duo?

Anonymous said...

Trust me, speaking as the other so-called dynamic duo, there is plenty of room here.

Brant Pitre said...


Thanks for mentioning my venture into blogdom!
I read yours often, but am not a frequent comment poster. And thanks for the great conversation at SBL! I hope we can stay in touch in the future, and I'm greatly looking forward to being able to obtain a copy of Jesus and the Origins of the Gentile mission (perhaps for review).

However, I do have a question. If you and Joel are the dynamic duo, who is Batman and who is Robin? (I'll let you guys fight that one out.) In any case, I'm sure you both look great in leotards.

Joel, hope you had a great time in Israel.