Monday, March 12, 2007

Paul for the People of God

Pauline studies is alot like the mafia, every time you think you're out they drag you back in! I'm largely a Historical Jesus specialist and Synoptic Gospels kind-a-guy, though I find myself taking extended vacations in the resort of Pauline studies and even pining for a trek in the scenic mountains of Johannine studies too. But it is back to Paul now and my latest project (this time with IVP) is this:

Paul for the People of God

This volume is designed to be an introduction to Paul for lay-people and first year seminary students. I am hoping that I can take the best insights of Pauline scholarship and show how they illuminate Paul's understanding of the gospel, of Christian community, salvation, ministry, Paul's narrative world, and controversial areas such as women and homosexuality as well. There are a stack of Pauline theologies available, but relatively few volumes that try to put Paul in the hands of the church - and that's what I want to do. Get people in my church and your church excited about Paul, thoughtfully reading over his letters, and see what he has to say to the people of God today. Here's the run down:

1. What is Paul?
2. A Funny Thing Happened on the Road to Damascus
3. Athens and Jerusalem
4. The Stories behind the Story
5. Reading Somebody Else’s Mail
6. The Royal Announcement: The Son of David, Son of God
7. One God, One Lord: Monotheism and the Messiah
8. Putting the World to Right
9. The Return of the King
10. A Peculiar People
11. Women, Slaves and Homosexuals
12. Paul at the Postmodern Areopagus


Matthew D. Montonini said...

Mike, Congrats mate! I think this is a splendid idea!

Danny Zacharias said...

Sounds good. Do you have a deadline for this? Sounds like it will make a good intro book for intro to Paul.

Ben Myers said...

Sounds great, Mike!