Thursday, April 12, 2007

Congrats to Joel and Karla Willitts

Joel Willitts and his wife Karla had twins yesterday! Zion, the little boy, weighed in at 3.4 pounds and his sister, born one minute later, Mary, weighed in at 2.4 pounds. Photos of the bubbies can be seen over at Jesus Creed. They are both ADDG - absolutely drop dead gorgeous!

It was a tough road for Joel and Karla and the pregnancy has been especially hard on Karla so keep them in your prayers, esp. a good recovery for Karla!

So big congrats to the new parents! May your nights be sleepless and your days filled with gooey nappies!

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Denny Burk said...

Dear Michael,

I've been trying to contact you. Have you received any of my e-mails over the past few weeks?