Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jesus the Messiah - I

At the end of the year I am hoping to finish writing an article on the historical Jesus and the question of whether or not he made a messianic claim. Did Jesus claim to be the Messiah? Scholarship is mooted at this point. Indeed, a non-messianic Jesus is deeply ingrained in certain elements of scholarship. The main views seem to be:
  • Jesus never claimed to be the Messiah and the Church proclaimed Jesus as Messiah as an inference based on his resurrection.
  • The disciples proclaimed Jesus as Messiah during his life but Jesus rejected the title.
  • Jesus did not claim the title, but neither did he reject it.
  • Jesus claimed to be the Messiah
In a future post I hope to offer one or two or thirteen reasons why I think he did claim to be enacting a messianic role.

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