Thursday, April 12, 2007

Underrated NT Scholars of the 20th Century

I have put together the list of who I think are the most underrated and under read scholars of the twentieth century. No doubt the list could have included others and some will question my nominations. I have divided up the list geographically and I apologize that the list of Euro-Americano centric but this is where my experience of reading comes from.

Continental Europe

Theodore Zahn
Adolf Schlatter
N.A. Dahl


E. Hoskyns
G.B. Caird
Charles Moule


Henry Cadbury
John Knox
Charles Talbert


Michael Pahl said...

I see there are no underrated Canucks or Aussies... Does this mean we're all overrated? :-)

Billy V said...

Earle Ellis would agree with T. Zahn. He sang his praises while I studied under him in PhD studies at SWBTS.

Horst.Ursel.PS said...

What about Leonhard Goppelt (saw himslef in a "salvation-historical" line of tradition with Beck, Hofmann, Schlatter, Zahn) ?