Saturday, May 05, 2007


We had a party yesterday in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) -- with streamers, baloons, and Krispy Kreme Donunts (perhaps our international readers will not be faimilar with the greatness known as Krispy Kreme). We celebrated because our daughter Mary reached 3 lbs. While this may seem like an unusual reason to celebrate, when your baby is born weighing 2lbs 4oz, 3 lbs is a big milestone.

The last three weeks have been some of the most difficult Karla and I have faced in our 14 years of marriage. On April 10th after a month in the hospital and two months on bed rest, Karla delivered our twins at 31 weeks, nine weeks premature. I won't chroncile here the journey in detail, but I am thankful that God has given us faith to presevere and that the babies and Karla are making real progress. Many friends as well as people we don't even know have been lifting us up in prayer and we are so thankful. Furthermore, my colleagues at NPU have also been incredibly supportive providing me the opportunity to have a partial leave from teaching to attend to the family matters. I want to thank Boaz Johnson, Scot McKnight and Brad Nassif for sacrificing time and energy to support Karla and me.
I think we are slowing finding our footing, but it will still be a number of weeks before the kids come home from the hospital and some sense of normalcy returns -- if there will ever be such a thing now.


Don Cordiner said...
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Don Cordiner said...

My prayers will be with your family. I too was born 9 weeks premature, weighing 2oz 9oz. Likewise I was in intensive care for several months. The nurses even told my parents twice that I had died. Yet aside from the first year or two I grew up completely normally with no problems at all, just like everyone else my age. I am currenltly in my 3rd year of Divinity in Scotland looking to carry it on to postgraduate level. I am so thankful for all the prayers that were said for my life and those now for your children. We know it makes all the difference !

Anonymous said...

Thanks Don! Your life brings us encouragement.