Saturday, May 05, 2007

Latest RTR 66.1 (2007)

The latest issue of Reformed Theological Review is out:

J.V. Fesko
N.T. Wright on Imputation

[I concur with several elements of this article, esp. the critique of Wright's covenantal and apostolic reading of 2 Cor. 5.18-21. Fresko is correct that ordo salutis and historia salutis are not mutually exculsive; but sadly, I am yet to find a lexicon or Greek thesaurus that makes ginomai equivalent to logizomai.]

Andrew Cameron
How to say Yes to the World: Towards a New Way Forward in Evangelical Social Ethics

[The quote from John Webster in the conclusion caught my eye: "the gospel outbids the world every time. Jesus himself speaks more authoritatively, legitimately, winningly and interestingly than the world. If the church really loves the world, then the church ... will attend to the gospel, not as something it already knows, but as something it must always learn."]

Jocelyn A. Williams
A Case Study in Intertextuality: The Place of Isaiah in the "Stone" Saying of 1 Peter 2

[This was a good article which I very much enjoyed. Jocelyn shows the christological, ecclesiological, and paranetic function of the Isaiah texts in 1 Peter 2.6, 8. I only wish she would have included 1 Pet. 2.24-25 which I'm preaching on tomorrow!]

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