Friday, May 11, 2007

Recent Articles on the NET

In the latest SBL Forum our techno-ninja-NT-guru blogging buddy, Danny Zacharias of Acadia Divinity School, has written a piece that every techno-numpty-NT-guy should read:

The Wired Scholar: Five Free Tools You May Not Know About
Danny Zacharias

In addition, our Zwinglophile, the Rt. Rev. Prof. Jim West, has produced an English translation of Fritz Schmidt-Clausing's original The Humor of Huldrych Zwingli: The Lighter Side of the Protestant Reformation.


Daniel Clark said...

Should that not be the "Wright" Rev. Prof...

Jim said...

Daniel, bite thy tongue!!!!! I've been called lots of cheeky names (as you can no doubt well imagine) but a member of the Wrightianist cult --- never!

Now I have to go sulk... have a nice weekend.