Sunday, September 23, 2007

Arland Hultgren: Q and Early Christianity

I have benefitted from several of Arland Hultgren's books (e.g. The Parables of Jesus, Paul's Gospel and Mission, Jesus and his Adversaries - evidently a Synoptics and Paul man!) and I found this quote in his book The Rise of Normative Christianity:

What seems particularly strange in some of the current discussions of Q is that, precisely at the moment when scholars far and wide are calling for the dismantling of long-standing conceptual walls between religious and cultural traditions of antiquity (for example, between Palestinian Judaism and Hellenistic Judaism, or between orthodoxy and heresy), some are portraying the Q community as walled off from the rest of early Christianity, even though such persons will claim that itinerant missionaries went out from (and presumably returend to) the Q community, traveling about Palestine and Syria! Surely the theology and life of the Q community had dimensions that are not reflected in the Q document itself. Since it narrates no fellowship meals, must we assume that the community had none? (p. 38).

Apparently Hultgren is working on a Romans commentary (though I cannot remember this source of this information).

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A. B. Caneday said...


Yes. Arland Hultgren is working on a commentary on Romans. He has presented at least a portion of one of the appendices, as I recall, to the "Trial Baloon Society" here in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis & Saint Paul). It was on pistis Christou, arguing for the objective genitive reading.