Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Blogs 17

One day I just happen to be in the SPCK bookshop in Durham when I began talking to a chap in the biblical studies section. I learned that his name was Nijay and he was doing his Ph.D in Durham under John Barclay. I told him my name and where I was from and he said, "Oh, Highland Theological College, I read your blog sometimes". It was most flattering. I thought the only people who read it where my brother and Chris Tilling. Well anyway, I've been meaning to point out for some time that Nijay K. Gupta has his own blog which contains a good many things and he's another one of those Durham bloggers. So Nijay, good to have you around the biblioblogosphere.

1 comment:

Chris Tilling said...

And what makes you think that I read your blog? ;-)

T'was good to speak to you earlier!